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Hi ! I'm Tomoyo ( front center ).

My mom named me Tomoyo, which means 'a friend of the world', and since I was a small kid, I 've been wishing for world peace and that everyone in the world be friends with each other. So through Cosmoflorita, I hope that you will meet nice people who appreciate the beauty of flowers, and that you will contribute to peace in your corner of the world.!

   About the instructor;

Tomoyo Wells is a Master of Ohara School of ikebana.

She entered Ohara School in 1986 and started teaching ikebana to foreigners in 1991.

She has been an interpreter for Ikebana International Osaka Chapter since 1991, and  from 1994 to 1995 and since 2006, for the Kobe Chapter.

In 2002 she graduated from The Cass School of Floral Design (Boston, U.S.A.)


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